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I Dieci Mondi in Arte

The project I DIECI MONDI in ARTE (a prismatic vision of reality) consists of a series of themed exhibitions about the ten worlds and their interchangeability. The exhibitions in total 11 are held in private and public places always different and have the aim of sensitizing the entire community to art, culture and knowledge of the inner self through a new and personal pictorial representation of the Buddhist philosophy to which I am inspired.


The first theme proposed is THE WORLD OF HUMANITY because its neutrality and centrality is for me a starting point. The images presented for this exhibition express the vital condition of humanity reflected in the ten vital conditions, inspired by personal experiences, observing my life and the world around me over a period of about twenty years. The paintings exhibited represent subjects in peace and in rest, sunk, melted with the armchair. Pink is the dominant color, expresses motherhood, tenderness and kindness. With this project I would like to offer visitors an experience through which everyone can undertake a deep inner improvement. Buddhist concepts provide the individual with an opportunity to achieve peace and prosperity in our community and consequently for the whole of society.


The WORLD OF ESTASI is currently in programmed, coming soon all the others and in the final their INTERCONNECTION.

E' attualmente in programmazione IL MONDO DI ESTASI. I palazzi sono il soggetto scelto per rappresentare questa condizione in quanto raffigurano metaforicamente la gioia ottenuta dalla realizzazione di un desiderio materiale o spirituale. L’azzurro è il colore dominante, un colore che con il cielo condivide l’elevazione, la spiritualità e l’eternità, invita alla meditazione e alla calma.

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